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For over 9 years, Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC has been providing extraordinarily unique interior and exterior construction services to any size residential or commercial properties. Our team is capable of providing all aspects of building such as remodeling, renovation, property re-designs, custom construction choices, carpentry, roofing, masonry and so much more! Whether you are interested in having a complete pantry, garage or basement expansion, allow us to help you! With our construction services the options you can choose from are endless, cost effective, and unbeatable! You will be amazed with the interior and exterior services that are offered in King County, Washington and surrounding areas!

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General Contracting & Construction Coverage

Punctual Service Times Always Budgetary Compliant Quality Material Implementation

Site Assessment

Site assessment services are essential to have done before any exterior property services to ensure complete and accurate services. By having a site assessment service, it will allow us to have the correct measurements and layout of what you are interested in having done. The site assessment will allow us to have a “meet n greet’ to sit down and go over the next steps of the project!

Design & Logistics

The design and logistics services with Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC is done outstandingly. With the design services, this includes mapping and layouts of the property. The logistics aspect of the project is to determine if permitting inspection of your construction building project. You can count on our company to get the job done right the first time!

Scheduling & Construction

Get started on your scheduling and construction project with Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC to ensure quality warkmanship through the entire project. Our scheduling services will involve labor and building construction. Then construction will consist of remodeling, renovations, and installations that are requested to the exterior of the property!

Renovations & Remodels

There is no need to restrict your imagination when it comes to renovation and remodeling services. Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC is a company that will bring your dream home to life! There are many customized and personalized options to choose from when you’re remodeling or renovation services, allow us to help you choose the best options!

Mapping & Design

Mapping and designing are unique to each individual client with Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC. Mapping out the project for us to provide interior or exterior services that will completely magnify the way your property looks and feels. Designing your property is what we do best. Allow us to make your dreams come true!

Custom Construction

The custom construction options that our team of professionals has to offer your property is the highest quality in choice materials, efficiency, safety and affordable. We are the safest option when it comes to customizing and personalizing your residential or commercial property.

Flooring Services

The flooring services that our team of general contractors performs is astonishing. Whether your property needs repairs, replacements, installations, designs or upgrade flooring services; you can depend on Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC to guide you through the entire flooring service!

Room Additions & Conversions

Is your family growing and in need of more space to your home? You're in luck! With Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC we offer room additions and conversions. Does your business need to have an extra office space? Get started with us! Adding a spare bedroom or guest room? Call us right away to schedule an appointment!

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathroom and kitchen services should be designed to the way you have in mind. Are there bathroom and kitchen re-designs, feature installations, repairs, renovations, or remodeling services that you want? Give us a call to get started on your bathroom and kitchen services today!


Contact Sky Mountain Contractors, LLC so you can get started on your services by scheduling an appointment with us today! We are happy that you have chosen our team of professional general contractors in Kent or King County, Washington. When you request a callback, please include the services you are interested in having and your contact information. Providing this information will help be prepared when we call you back. Thank you for your time and interest in our company!